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With over 17 years of experience, Kristen has seen and experienced many sides and phases of the mortgage industry.  Kristen began her career in the mortgage industry working for a nationally-ranked mortgage company on the servicing side of the business.  During her time with this company, she worked hand-in-hand with multiple business units, investors, and clients driving results and solutions for the customers.  With a desire to help homeowners navigate


Kristen was extremely polite and amazing throughout our entire time working together. She was reachable and I trusted her and her team throughout the entire venture. There was not one moment where I was worried while working with her. I will highly recommend her and I can not speak highly enough of her and her diligence.

- Alicia H.


- Susan R.

Kristen is bomb. As usual.

- Hayden L.


- LaShon D.

Kristen was absolutely amazing to work with. Every time I had a question or problem, I called her and she helped me with the best knowledge that she could of. I strongly recommend her.

- Jennifer M.

Clear communication and very professional. Followed up on everything she said she was going to do and she explained issues in a direct and honest way. She was great.

- Harry R.

Kristen was patient and took her time to answer all of our questions while making it clear that she respected our need for information. The process of buying our home was complex due to it being a short sale but Kristen was on top of everything we needed in order for us to successfully close and purchase our home. We were thrilled that she joined us on closing day! She helped make a tense short sale easier for us as the buyers. Thanks Kristen!!!

- Kelly K.

Kristen was very patient and explained the whole process and where all the costs came from and being a first time home buyer you want someone to walk you through the process. It was a very pleasant experience and I would definitely recommend Kristen Lourinia.

- Richard M.

Kristen was warm, friendly, and fun to work with. She was very flexible and understanding.

- Tarah D.

Very informative, was knowledgable and covered all refinance options with us in detail.

- Michael J.
Kristen Lourinia

Kristen Lourinia

Mortgage Loan Officer
NMLS ID #: 103091

Direct: 240-409-4595
Office: 443-656-3384
Fax: 443-656-3573

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